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Client: mbarchitects
The Forks
Location: Manitoba, Canada
Status: Compeition
Site size 600 sqft
Site type public
Building area 400 sqft
Budget total 12,000 USD
Type Public – Park
Responsibilities: Complete Project


After reviewing the site and the city of Winnipeg, it has become blatantly apparent that the Assiniboine River provides a backbone to the region. With a total of 18,279,425 Square Meters of recreational land in this district the Assiniboine River accounts for just under 10% of that total. This urban connector allows one to travel across the city in a “corridor” that is accented by nature, art, and architecture.The inspiration for our proposal is directly related to nature, sustainable usage, and solar optimization. The Crystal was initially developed because of its light and solar transparency along with its ability to create a natural formation that sweeps the public into it’s warm core. This concept has been thought of and optimized on many levels for its final state as an art and architecture piece, some of which include: visual aesthetics, materiality, solar orientation, insolar radiation, panel optimization, production, and fabrication.

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