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Client: Lewis – Dizon
Angel Managment
Location: Las Vegas, USA
Status: ongoing building work
Number of stories 3
Site size 35000 sqft
Site type urban
Building area 1000000 sqft
Budget total 40000000 USD
Type Cultural – Concert Hall
Commercial – Restaurant, Nightclub
Responsibilities: Digital Design, Visualization, 2D and BIM Modeling


Las_Vegas is a parametrically modeled and detailed super club at the forefront of design. To refine the concept, the creators used self-developed parametric tools and cloud rendering technology to reduce cost, decrease fabrication time, and apply an aesthetic that perfectly aligns to the agendas of the City Center  development of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Las_Vegas adds to the colorful night life and entertainment scene of the City Center  development in Las Vegas, Nevada. City Center is an urban community filled with fine art, spectacular architecture and the amazing venue, Las_Vegas.  Originally conceived to  add and fulfill many programmatic requirements including dining, concert, and general entertainment. Las_Vegas was designed as a layering of patterned shells that overlap allowing the ceiling and walls to have a dynamic layering. The venue itself converts from a full service four star restaurant in evening and slowly transforms into a primer dance club at the forefront of club design by night. Las_Vegas will be one of the largest establishments in city center at 35,000 sqft and 3 stories tall. Given the large scale of Las_Vegas, parametric modeling was employed to reduce cost and decrease fabrication and production time.

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