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What if we could solve the individual and collective problems of transportation as it exists today, and at the same time go far beyond current experiences and expectations? What if we could combine the convenience and speed of flying with the intimacy of a cruise ship? The proposal is the Megatrain. It is an attractive and viable solution for airline passengers and truck freight across the United States of America.

Airline and truck freight represent the majority of continental travel in the United States. These two forms of travel affect the passenger on an individual level and our culture on a collective level. Our airline industry faces heavy fuel consumption and a capacity averaging only 250 passengers per flight.
On average, 1.8 million people fly in the continental US per day. Truck freight keeps things moving across our country, but only at an incredibly inefficient 8 miles per gallon.
The Megatrain is an opportunity for America to put the romance back into travel. Its advanced materials and construction offer passengers breathtaking open views of the country as they fly by at 320 mph. Inside, passengers will experience the finest amenities: first-class cabins, a variety of retail options, and curated gardens.

The tracks will be lined in solar panels for miles, feeding energy back into our grid. Wind generators will harvest the forces of passing trains and the open plains.

The Megatrain can take you from the east coast to the west coast and back in under 24 hours.

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