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Osteo Augmentation

Osteo Augmentation Winning Competition with Ben Klein

Blending cutting edge technology and biomimetics, Osteo Augmentation is the next step in custom implants for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. Through the application of 3D printing and advanced computer-aided design, Osteo Augmentation provides rapid turnaround of patient specific, anatomically accurate nasal and craniofacial structures.

The cellular structure of the device was designed to allow ingrowth of bone as well as to allow tuning of the implant’s stiffness. In addition, this structure provides the surgeon with many locations to anchor tissues with suture during reconstructive surgery.

Osteo Augmentation highlights the power of 3D printing in producing complex contours, empty spaces, and fine detail. Never before has a craniofacial implant been designed with this level of versatility, specificity, and functionality. Whether for cosmetics or reconstruction, our design presents a novel approach to craniofacial implants. Whereas many implants are nothing more than a curved plate, Osteo Augmentation is much more: it is a 3D construct that replaces the patients bone precisely while maintaining internal structures such as nasal passages and sinus cavities.

Osteo Augmentation was a collaboration between Hines Dibrova Studio and Ben Klein to specifically push the boundaries of 3D printed biomedical implants and procedures.


3D Model of Implant [Download]

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