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Simon Spurr Pop Up Shop

Project Information Client: Building Fashion + Simon Spurr, NY Location: Highline – Chelsea, NY, USA Architects: Collective Key Personal:  Zach Hines, Marc Dizon, George Alan, and Dehlia Quellman. Responsibilities:  Concept Development,  Visualization, CAD and BIM Models, Competition Design. Status: Completed 2010 Area: 859 sqm Project Partners: Architizer LLC, New York, USA Building Fashion, New York, USA Simon Spurr, New York, USA   The Simon Spurr Shop was commissioned by Architizer and Building Fashioni as a part of “Building Fashion at HL23: A series of collaborations celebrating art and architecture” with Simon Spurr — the 2009 CFDA/Vogue and 2010 CFDA Swarovski […]

Simon Spurr Pop Up Shop Exterior 3

Darby Downstairs

Nightclub & Bar 2012 Ultra-Lounge of the Year Darby Downstairs NYC Darby Downstairs, a 1,400-square-foot nightlife venture from Butter Group’s Richie Akiva, Scott Sartiano and Ronnie Madra, opened its doors in Spring 2011. Darby Downstairs is more than just a subterranean sister to neighboring eatery, The Darby Restaurant. The basement-level cocktail lounge with a speakeasy sensibility is adorned in brown leather banquets and a gold lacquer honey-comb cage that spans the room’s walls, ceiling and lacquered oak bar. Here, Executive Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli showcases another set of tools in her culinary arsenal with a delectable light fares menu that includes […]


Secaucus 15x

Commissioned project – Development of land next to Secaucus Junction Station, NJ. Secaucus 15x is a mixed use residential, retail, and hotel. It’s location is ideally located next to Met Life Stadium and New York City. This is part of a plan to have a facility ready for Super Bowl XLVIII. The project is on going. Responsibilites: Full Concept Commission – Design and Rendering Program: Mixed use / Hotel Location: Secaucus, New Jersey Client: NYDesign Architects SIZE: 25,000 sq. m DATE: 2013 – Ongoing Team: Zach Hines – Kevin Loftus   0 likes


Darby Upstairs

Type: Commercial – Nightclub Location: 244 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011 Owner:  Butter Group – Client: Dizon Collective Building Status: built in 2011 Number of floors: 2 Site size:  1400 sqft Site type: urban Budget total:  1500000 USD Responsibilities:  Concept Design, Fabrication Drawings, Rendering 1 likes


The Griffin Nightclub

Type: Commercial – Nightclub Location: 50 Gansevoort NYC, New York, 10013 Client:  DownTown LLC Building status: built in 2009 Number of floors: 2 Site size:  3500 sqft Site type: urban Budget total:  1500000 USD Responsibilities:  Concept Development, 3D Bim Modeling, Rendering / Visualization   A DECADENT ESCAPE Griffin is an upscale cocktail lounge inspired by the Gilded Age of the late 19th century. We aim to recapture the splendours of a sophisticated night out by providing guests with impeccable service in an opulent setting. Griffin plays host to a worldly mix of celebrities, artists, designers, and well-heeled patrons looking for a hip crowd […]



  LAS_VEGAS Client: Lewis – Dizon Angel Managment Location: Las Vegas, USA Status: ongoing building work Number of stories 3 Site size 35000 sqft Site type urban Building area 1000000 sqft Budget total 40000000 USD Type Cultural – Concert Hall Commercial – Restaurant, Nightclub Responsibilities: Digital Design, Visualization, 2D and BIM Modeling Description: Las_Vegas is a parametrically modeled and detailed super club at the forefront of design. To refine the concept, the creators used self-developed parametric tools and cloud rendering technology to reduce cost, decrease fabrication time, and apply an aesthetic that perfectly aligns to the agendas of the City Center […]


Sheikh Khalifa Bridge Monument

Sheikh Khalifa Bridge Monument Saadiyat Island, UAE Sheikh Khalifa Bridge Monument: Gateway To Saadiyat Island The scheme draws inspiration from the spectacular falcons in the UAE region and incorporate elements from the local tradition of architectural pattern-making and rich tradition of tent structures. These influences, in combination with the use of state-of-the art architectural technologies, create a more dynamic and refined design proposal. Facade The Sheikh Khalifa Bridge facade design takes inspiration from the falcon’s wings and local traditional architecture and pattern making. The diamond stainless steel mesh panels which clad the shell’s surface expand and contract with the changing […]

Marine Gateway, Kaohsiung Taiwan

Responsibilities: Façade Design, Façade and Structural Parametric Modeling, 3D Visualization, 3D Modeling, Physical Modeling. LOCATION: Kaohsiung, Taiwan SIZE: 40,000 sq. m. DATE: 2010 The new Kaohsiung Marine Gateway Terminal designed by Asymptote is a new state of the art transportation interchange, an urban destination with both terminal and public facilities including exhibition and event spaces for the people of Kaohsiung as well as for national and international visitors. The project transforms the site from its industrial roots into a dynamic urban hub and a global gateway that bring a powerful and electric experience to the city 24 hours a day. […]

Kaoshiung Marine Gatway - Night - Parametric Tron Facade Pattern

The Circle at Zurich Airport

Responsibilities: Façade Design, Façade Parametric Modeling, 2D Detailing, 3D Visualization, 3D Modeling, Physical Modeling. LOACTION: Zurich, Switzerland SIZE: 115,000 sq. m DATE: 2009 – Ongoing   Zurich AirSpace by Asymptote integrates elegance in design with a sense of timelessness, engineered precision, housing a a wide range of programmatic functions. The basic premise of AirSpace is the interplay of a wide range of functions centered on luxury commerce, state-of-the-art medical facilities, cultural venues and higher education facilities, all in close proximity to the active hub of the Zurich Airport. Asymptote’s architectural solution proposes a three story plinth abov   e the Zurich […]


Azzano San Paolo Retail, Hotel and Convention Center

Azzano San Paolo Retail, Hotel and Convention Center Bergamo, Italy Adjacent to the Bergamo International Airport there in Azzano San Paolo, Asymptote has designed a mixed-use project that comprises of a new luxury shopping center, a new 300-room hotel, two midsized office towers, a mixed-use entertainment facility and a body augmentation health clinic. The proposal calls for an active cultural and commercial destination located on the periphery of the City of Bergamo and connected physically to the adjacent international airport. The entire complex of 120,000sqm builds on the expansive exposure of the site from the vantage point of vehicles traveling […]

National Sports Center

National Sports Center Beijing, China Located in the Forbidden City in Beijing a commissioned design proposal for a contemporary art exhibition venue combined with a state of the art Sports Hall. Date: 2010 Size: 2500 m2 Location: Beijing, China Architect: Asymptote Architecture Design: Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture Project Director: Josh Dannenberg Design Team: Brian Deluna, Danny Abalos, Oliver Dibrova, Blake Altshuler, Zach Hines, Chris Johnson, Miljan Radojevic Client: Global Cultural Asset Management Group, New York 0 likes

The Sheikh Zayed Dubai Pearl Podium Development

The Sheikh Zayed Dubai Pearl Podium Development Dubai, UAE Asymptote’s design for the Sheikh Zayed Dubai Pearl Podium Development proposes a combination of powerful architectural elements intelligently situated and efficiently planned to create a vibrant vital and significant urban, retail and cultural experience. The scheme deliberately targets the sophisticated and refined sensibilities and taste of its complex users and visitors. The Dubai Pearl Podium is designed to complement the existing tower construction with a visually compelling and harmonious composition of buildings and environs which serves as much to highlight the iconic nature of the existing construction as it does to […]

Ghent Master Plan

Urban Revitalization Master Plan and Building Complex Ghent, Belgium In the Middle Age Ghent to become one of the largest and richest cities of northern Europe. Today the waterfront areas of Ghent are places where people gather to socialize, attend festivals or simply enjoy the relaxing nature of the water that gently meanders through the city. The new SOFA master plan proposes that landscape is not implemented as a picturesque addition to the site but rather developed as a crucial element in the successful activation and experiential qualities of the project. The new landscape strategy draws inspiration from the network […]

Superstar: A Mobile China Town

Firm – MAD 2008 Location – Venice, Italy – 11th International Architecture Biennale Venice Typology – Urban Concept Status – Concept Design on traveling exhibition Responsibilities – Project Management, Concept Design, 3D Modeling, Fabrication, Rendering Along with shopping malls, petrol stations and branches of McDonalds, the old Chinatown renders all cities boring and alike. It is nothing more than restaurant streets and fake traditional buildings, representing a kitsch image of contemporary China with no real life inside. It is a historical theme park that poisons the urban space. There must be a shock therapy to remedy this situation. Superstar: A Mobile China […]

Aerial Photographs Of Europian Cities

Huangdu Art Center

Year 2008 Location Beijing, China Typology Art Gallery, Hotel Site Area 6,300 sqm Building Area 46,000sqm Status Design in-progress Responsibilities – Project Management, Concept Design, Diagrams, Rendering, 3D Modeling Old Beijing is composed of Hutongs, closely woven districts of communal courtyard homes. The basic elements of these districts are one-storey buildings, that, repeated at dense scales, result in unique geometric patterns. However, this traditional urban fabric is increasingly under threat as entire neighborhoods are forced to make way for the larger, monumental modern architecture of Beijing today. The site of this project presents this issue in microcosm. Located near the heart […]


American House

Responsibilities:  Design, 3D Modeling, Fabrication Modeling, Construction Coordination, Construction. American House 08, is the first in a series of ten prefabricated houses designed and constructed by William E. Massie — the award-winning Architect-in-Residence and Head of the Architecture Department at Cranbrook Academy of Art. American House 08 embodies Massie’s drastically divergent practice from traditional architecture through his use of computer-based fabrication technology for efficient, precise, and customized fabrication. Constructed entirely within the architect’s 12,000 square-foot studio just minutes away from the historic Saarinen-designed Cranbrook campus, American House 08 was designed, in part, at full scale. By composing in real-time, Massie is […]



What if we could solve the individual and collective problems of transportation as it exists today, and at the same time go far beyond current experiences and expectations? What if we could combine the convenience and speed of flying with the intimacy of a cruise ship? The proposal is the Megatrain. It is an attractive and viable solution for airline passengers and truck freight across the United States of America. Airline and truck freight represent the majority of continental travel in the United States. These two forms of travel affect the passenger on an individual level and our culture on […]


Shanghai Peripheries

Background Focused on Shanghai’s at risk urban periphery. Time was spent, locally and remotely, developing a body of research for Feng Xian, Shanghai, and successfully cultivating resources and relationships with academics, municipality leaders, and local officials. Underpinned by this analysis, the final thesis addressed the various built interventions that could be deployed from a highly analytic parametric model, effectively enabling Shanghai’s historically relevant towns to integrate modern, technology-rich, urban infrastructure, while still maintaining contextual relevancy.   Project This at risk periphery is located in Shanghai, China at the merger of an old and new city and  it reveals many questions which […]