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Darby Upstairs

Type: Commercial – Nightclub Location: 244 W 14th St, New York, NY 10011 Owner:  Butter Group – Client: Dizon Collective Building Status: built in 2011 Number of floors: 2 Site size:  1400 sqft Site type: urban Budget total:  1500000 USD Responsibilities:  Concept Design, Fabrication Drawings, Rendering 1 likes



  LAS_VEGAS Client: Lewis – Dizon Angel Managment Location: Las Vegas, USA Status: ongoing building work Number of stories 3 Site size 35000 sqft Site type urban Building area 1000000 sqft Budget total 40000000 USD Type Cultural – Concert Hall Commercial – Restaurant, Nightclub Responsibilities: Digital Design, Visualization, 2D and BIM Modeling Description: Las_Vegas is a parametrically modeled and detailed super club at the forefront of design. To refine the concept, the creators used self-developed parametric tools and cloud rendering technology to reduce cost, decrease fabrication time, and apply an aesthetic that perfectly aligns to the agendas of the City Center […]


American House

Responsibilities:  Design, 3D Modeling, Fabrication Modeling, Construction Coordination, Construction. American House 08, is the first in a series of ten prefabricated houses designed and constructed by William E. Massie — the award-winning Architect-in-Residence and Head of the Architecture Department at Cranbrook Academy of Art. American House 08 embodies Massie’s drastically divergent practice from traditional architecture through his use of computer-based fabrication technology for efficient, precise, and customized fabrication. Constructed entirely within the architect’s 12,000 square-foot studio just minutes away from the historic Saarinen-designed Cranbrook campus, American House 08 was designed, in part, at full scale. By composing in real-time, Massie is […]