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  Organizer: Google + i-Materialise Location: Bridge for Emerging Contemproary Art – NM, USA Status: Competition Win + Completed 2010 Responsibilities: Digital Design and Visualization Fabrication: Materialise VOVA_Lamp_Description: The initial driving mission of the VOVA Lamp was to push the boundaries of the selective laser sintering 3D printing technology. This allowed the VOVA lamp’s concept to be feasibly driven and developed using a minimal surface tiling algorithm optimizing the object’s form and the lamp’s function. Once a base module was formulated, the geometry was tiled radially 10 times and resulted in a continuous flow of material. The design, shadow, and […]


The Abyss Snowboard

This board and t-shirt was designed for Nightmare Development, and Threadless.com. The pattern is based of an advanced parametric patterning and with gradient fades that move from the solid filleted boxes in the center to outlines on the perimeter. I really emphasized the center illusion of the board because it felt like “The Abyss”. The shirt was designed as if the board stomped a landing and didn’t look back. A fun design project… results are still coming back but it looks like I ranked top 20 out of 300 designs     0 likes


Asymptote Architecture: Actualizations

TITLE: Asymptote Architecture: Actualizations FORMAT: Hardcover, 324 pages PUBLISHER: AADCU LANGUAGE: English ISBN-10: 7560955991 ISBN-13: 978-7560955995 DIMENSIONS: 10.5 x 8.7 x 1.3 inches Asymptote Architecture’s newest monograph, Asymptote Architecture: Actualizations follows on the heels of the completion of the widely acclaimed Yas Hotel. Actualizations features seventeen of Asymptote’s latest projects, some of which are published here for the first time. It also highlights a very important transition in Asymptote’s architectural practice, including the construction and completion of several recent and dramatic architectural projects. Actualizations is divided into five sections, or “portals,” which group the projects thematically and address specific themes that inspire the […]