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Shanghai Peripheries


Focused on Shanghai’s at risk urban periphery. Time was spent, locally and remotely, developing a body of research for Feng Xian, Shanghai, and successfully cultivating resources and relationships with academics, municipality leaders, and local officials. Underpinned by this analysis, the final thesis addressed the various built interventions that could be deployed from a highly analytic parametric model, effectively enabling Shanghai’s historically relevant towns to integrate modern, technology-rich, urban infrastructure, while still maintaining contextual relevancy.



This at risk periphery is located in Shanghai, China at the merger of an old and new city and  it reveals many questions which can only be answered through a direct analytical analysis and synthesis of parameters for various parties and functions. These concerns have been assembled in to a manageable framework only possible with cutting edge digital technologies that enable these information flows to be process with speed and efficiency. The Thesis has revealed that socio-economics, urbanization, construction, computer programming, and emerging technologies analysis and implementation will effectively address many of the issues this at risk community faces today.


These parameters all need to be checked based in a quantifiable amount of time in order to ensure the optimal outcome for all parties involved. The parametric system, while rigid and narrow at times, can allow for a flexibility and insight in to the consequences of one’s actions at across varying issues and at many scales.

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