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Superstar: A Mobile China Town

Firm – MAD 2008
Location – Venice, Italy – 11th International Architecture Biennale Venice
Typology – Urban Concept
Status – Concept Design on traveling exhibition
Responsibilities – Project Management, Concept Design, 3D Modeling, Fabrication, Rendering

Along with shopping malls, petrol stations and branches of McDonalds, the old Chinatown renders all cities boring and alike. It is nothing more than restaurant streets and fake traditional buildings, representing a kitsch image of contemporary China with no real life inside. It is a historical theme park that poisons the urban space. There must be a shock therapy to remedy this situation.

Superstar: A Mobile China Town is MAD’s response to the redundant and increasingly out-of-date nature of the contemporary Chinatown. Rather than a sloppy patchwork of poor construction and nostalgia, the Superstar is a fully integrated, coherent, and above all modern upgrade of the 20th century Chinatown model. It’s a place to enjoy Chinese food, quality goods and cultural events; a place to create and produce, where citizens can use workshops to study, design and realize their ideas.

Equally important to what this neo-community contains is how it operates. Superstar: A Mobile China Town is a benevolent virus that releases unknown energy in between unprincipled changes and principled steadiness. It can land at every corner of the world, exchanging the new Chinese energy with the environment where it stays. It’s self-sustaining: it grows its own food, requires no resources from the host city, and recycles all of its waste. It’s a living place, with authentic Chinese nature and health resorts, sports facilities and drinkable reservoirs, even a digital cemetery to remember the deceased. It’s a travelling Olympic party that can journey to the host city every four years. The Superstar is a dream that’s home to 15,000 people. No hierarchy, no hyponymy, only a fusion of technology and nature, future and humanity.


The Superstar’s first destination will be the periphery of Rome. The Superstar will provide an unexpected, ever-changing future embedded in the Eternal past.

Welcome to the Superstar, the Chinatown of today.


Design Team: Zach Hines, Chen Shuyu,Fu Changrui, Zheng Tao,Fernie Lai,Tom James, David William Nightingale, Matthias Werner Helmreich,Bryan Alan Oknyansky


地点: 威尼斯,意大利
类型: 城市概念

MAD的“超级明星_未来中国城”在第十一届威尼斯建筑双年展的主题馆“非永恒城市”展出。该单元邀请了来自全世界包括MAD,BIG,WEST8在内的 十二位青年建筑师,针对日益丧失活力和特征的罗马郊区,为它的未来提供新的城市肌体组织。本届策展人为Aaron Betsky,主题是¡°ARCHITECTURE BEYOND BUILDINGS¡±(超越房屋的建筑),展览时间为2008年9月14日至11月23日。“超级明星_未来中国城”是MAD构想的一个新型中国城。


散布在全世界各个角落的中国城,和那里的商场,加油站,麦当劳一样,如同毒素,使得每个城市变得千篇一律,无聊透顶。而中国城里没完没了的餐厅,一 成不变的仿古建筑,附会着西方世界对中国的僵化想象。这里没有真实的生活,如同这个国家遗留在异乡的一座座陈旧的主题公园,毒害着城市空间和人们的理解 力。我们要想复活就必须以毒攻毒!

“超级明星_未来中国城”是MAD对这种过时并过剩的中国城所做出的回应。“超级明星”是一个整体、和谐、不断更新的未来中国城模型。它是一颗存在 着丰富真实生活的行星,人们可以在这里享受中国食品,享受有品质的生活,进行各种文化,教育,体育活动。这是一颗创造和生产的行星,人们可以在这里的工作 室学习,想象并实现他们的想法。

同时这是一个由它所包含内容驱动整个系统运转的新型社会。“超级明星_未来中国城”在不妥协地改变与固守原则的保守中爆发出未知的能量。它可以停留 在世界任何一个角落,与它所处的环境交换全新的激情和能量。它是一颗自给自足的行星:这里的农业中心提供所有的天然食物,不需要从地面环境中提取能源,并 且可以回收利用所有的废物。它是一个空中居所,有真正的湖泊,雪山和梯田等等自然景观,有养身中心,全行星的体育活动场所,以及饮用水源。这里的奥林匹克 中心可以每四年降落在主办城市,不需要再重复建设昂贵的体育设施。这里还有一个电子墓场来纪念在这颗行星中逝去的世界公民。“超级明星_未来中国城”是一 个梦想家园,这里没有等级制度,没有上下关系,而是一个技术与自然,未来与人文的混合物。




设计团队: Zach Hines, 陈淑瑜,傅昌瑞,郑涛,黎紫翎,Tom James, David William Nightingale, Matthias Werner Helmreich, Bryan Alan Oknyansky




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